KM System (Corporate Repository and Collaboration)

Many organizations that have align KM strategy to their business’ policy and strategy, to leverage people competence, internal structure (brand), external structure (customer & supplier) have gained millions of dollar profits from it.

KM has become the most powerful means through its four pillars:

  • Knowledge creation and acquisition.
  • Knowledge transfer.
  • Knowledge repository.
  • Knowledge utilization.

It is obvious that the framework can answer most of current knowledge economic challenges – but how? We have the solutions in place. Our Knowledge Management Solutions Plus (KMS+) Toolkit™ incorporates KM Framework and exclusively bundled as an integrated solution that fits with knowledge economic, business policy, KM strategic, and KM implementations

KMS+ Toolkit™ support organization in following:

  • Knowledge creation; develop and acquire new knowledge.
  • Knowledge transfer; leverage organizational knowledge.
  • Knowledge utilization; use knowledge.
  • Knowledge storage; retain and capture pasts, present, and future knowledge.

Benefits of deploying KM System for Organization

  • Increasing the spans of control.
  • Increasing lateral communications.
  • Managing Organizational Interdependencies.
  • Leveraging core competencies.
  • Seeking and fostering interdependencies.
  • Establishing coordinating mechanism.