The current knowledge-era economy demands organization to succeed not only at financial and tangible assets levels, but also how effective they are in managing their knowledge and to create the able workers of knowledge. This fact positions knowledge and the knowledge workers not as mere complements, but the pivotal points to be continuously nurtured and developed to get the highest standard and innovations in achieving organization’s overall success.

The ability to manage knowledge (Knowledge Management) effectively and to develop the able workers of knowledge (SMART Knowledge Workers) whom are referred to as the ‘organization’s entrepreneurs’, will provide abilities to business organizations to develop The Four Pillars of Knowledge, namely the Knowledge Creation, Knowledge Utilization, Knowledge Store, and Knowledge Share, to span across the organization.

To becoming an innovative and competitive industry at the global market requires the ability to manage knowledge (Knowledge Management) effectively, and the ability to develop the able workers of knowledge (SMART Knowledge Workers), whom are referred to as the ‘organization’s entrepreneurs’.

“Only People can innovate, and they are Smart Knowledge Worker” – Peter Drucker, Innovation & Entrepreneurship (1985)

Effective KM initiative will increase organizational profits through the flow of important knowledge to the entire lines of organization, whether the knowledge resides on individuals (tacit) or within documents or repository system (explicit). But Knowledge Management (KM) is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution, but it’s more of a ‘context sensitive approach,’ in a sense that it’s highly dependent on business satiations, individual habits, culture, and infrastructure readiness of a given organization.

KMPlus has the experience to assist top-tiers organizations in Indonesia in accomplishing their business goals and objectives through the development of Knowledge Management initiative and their Knowledge Workers. KMPlus will synergistically cooperate with the Board of Directors (BoD), the Senior Management Team, and organization’s Key Staffs to build the effective Knowledge Management initiative and to create Knowledge Workers who will greatly support organization in its current and future business endeavors.

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