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About Us

KMPlus is a leading Knowledge Management consulting company in Indonesia that focuses on creating added value for knowledge maturation and management. Formed by a team of professionals from various business backgrounds. We are committed to providing premium services for consultations and workshops.

Empower People

We believe that the most important asset of any company lies in the people in it. With our people development programs, you will fully reveal your human resource potential and knowledge.

Clarify Processes

Without knowing and having a clear goal, any direction will feel like the right direction. We will help you map out your needs as a whole. Align company goals, business processes, strategic activities, and critical knowledge down to the individual level.

Utilize Our Platform

Equip your company with the SMART Knowledge System (SMART KMS). Our latest SaaS solution that encapsulates all the benefits and solutions of Knowledge Management in one integrated platform.

Our Clients

Erick Thohir
Menteri BUMN

On Our Book
SMART Millennials

The young Indonesians described in this book illustrate that in the future we will be ready, intelligent, productive and competitive as a nation.

Ferawati Kurnadi
VP KM & Innovation BCA Institute

On Our Workshop
SMART Knowledge Management

SMART Knowledge Management is a very structured and systematic program as a guide for understanding KM, how to properly implement it, and how to use it for the company. BCA has been using KMPlus services since 2010 for consultation and assistance on KM implementation.

Takao Omori
President Director of New Priok Container Terminal

On Our Workshop
SMART Knowledge Management

Smart Knowledge Management for Leaders is a very interesting workshop, with lots of references to Japanese companies and culture. I believe IPC is able to grow sustainably in the logistics industry by utilizing Smart Knowledge Management.

Our Published Books

buku2 SMART-2

Knowledge Management— Explained End-to-End

Get from 0 to 100 on your understanding of Knowledge Management with our in-depth four book series that covers everything from theory, to important case studies, to actionable steps you can take in your company.

Knowledge Map: Mapping Organizational Knowledge Assets

12 Januari 2022 – KMPlus

brainstorming, business, business people-3170036.jpg
Communication is the Gateway to Leader’s Success in Organizations

12 Januari 2022 – KMPlus

brain storming, thinking, man and woman-3036622.jpg
Working Model of Millennials

12 Januari 2022 – KMPlus

Our Videos

“ The greatest challenge facing many organizations remains unchanged; how to develop human resources to the point where he feels the need to make a significant contribution to his organization. Need means to do it voluntarily without any external coercion. ”

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