About Us

KMPlus is a leading Knowledge Management consulting company in Indonesia that focuses on creating added value through the utilization and management of knowledge. Formed by a team of professionals from various business backgrounds. We are committed to providing premium services for consultations and workshops.

Over the last 15 years, KMPlus has developed Knowledge Management, Innovation, Leadership and People Development methodologies and programs. We are also experienced in working with various leading companies in Indonesia in providing training to develop employees, as well as consulting to manage knowledge that helps our clients achieve their goals and targets.

KMPlus aligns the training and consulting programs provided according to the company’s current business needs, and future developments. KMPlus is committed to providing the best service for client companies through consulting, training and partnerships to develop Knowledge Management (KM), Innovation, Culture, People Development, Knowledge Worker, and KM System (KMS).

Our Purpose

Helping organizations throughout Indonesia manage and make full use of their knowledge

Our Mission

To be the spearhead of Knowledge Management initiative disseminator in Indonesia to help companies and individuals achieve their goals.

Our Value


We have strong initiative, and clear goals and plans.


We are passionate about what we do, and that is reflected in all the work and activities we do.


We are always focused and disciplined in all our activities, our minds are always focused on getting the job done.


We believe that responsibility is more than just getting the job done, but providing more value and benefits for the company.


We understand that all great things come from a great group of people. Therefore, we always prioritize collaboration.

Alvin Soleh

Alvin Soleh

Principal Consultant

Alvin Soleh founded KMPlus in 2005, and is one of the most influential figures in the field of Knowledge Management in Indonesia. Alvin’s portfolio in helping companies utilize his knowledge has been felt by companies such as BCA, WorldBank, Astra International, KPK, LPS, and many more. Apart from his experience as a consultant, he is also active as a speaker at Knowledge Management forums, as a guest lecturer, and as an author of Knowledge Management books.

Prof. Dr. Ir. M. Syamsul Maarif, M.Eng, Dipl. Ing, DEA

Senior Advisor & Consultant

Prof. Dr. Syamsul Maarif is a Senior Advisor and Consultant at KMPlus, as well as a Masters and Doctoral Lecturer at SB-IPB for the subjects: Knowledge Management, Performance Management, Innovation and Market Strategy, Policy Analysis, Strategic Change Management, System Simulation, System Modeling, Strategic HR Management.

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Rayhan Alvin

Senior Consultant & Director of SMART System

Rayhan is the youngest consultant in KMPlus, and has worked with many companies as a consultant. Among them, the companies that Rayhan works with include the World Bank, KPK, Pupuk Indonesia, BCA, and many more. Rayhan is also a writer and expert resource for books published by KMPlus.

Together with IT Team, Rayhan build and develop SMART System–Software as Service (SaaS) by KMPlus.

M. Marcelino Hambali

Senior Developer

Marcelino is a Senior Developer involved in designing and architecting software solutions for complex business problems and working closely with project managers, designers, and stakeholders to ensure that all requirements are met and the end product is of the highest quality. Responsible for ensuring that the software was scalable, reliable, and secure also implement software development best practices, and is always up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends in the industry.

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Alfredo Teja

SMART System Project Manager

As the project manager, Teja is responsible for SMART System development and implementation. He is in charge of planning, organizing, and implement client’s technical project related to SMART System.

Puti Cut N Y

VP Relation

Puti is the team leader of the KMPlus Relation Manager, and plays a role in building good relationships with key-clients, as well as connecting pic-clients with the KMPlus team consultant.

Together with the consultant team, Puti developed a collaborative process for the implementation of KM, KM System (KMS), and other programs, according to the needs and demands of the client company.

puti cut22

Erwanto Puspoputro

Senior Analyst & Relationship Manager

Be a part of KMPlus for more than 10 years. He is an Analyst involved in many Knowledge Management implementation programs for KMPlus clients. Involved in LPS, Pupuk Indonesia, BCA, KPK, PGN, Jamkrindo projects and many others including the creation of Knowledge Guidebooks at Bapeten, PGN and LPS etc.

Dick Adrian


Adrian is an expert resource for the production of videos and books at KMPlus. Adrian is also involved in Knowledge Management implementation activities and strategic workshops at the World Bank, Kimia Farma, Pelindo (IPC), Geodipa Energi, and many others.


Imanuella Gerlani

Consultant & Writer

Ella manages the Recruitment and Assistance Workshop organized by KMPlus. In addition, Ella is also in charge of report writing and KMPlus social media.

Ella was once involved as a writer and editor in the Knowledge Documentation of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Pelindo) with the title “Towards ONE Port BUMN”.

Jovanka Torishia

Corporate Relation Officer

Jovanka handles the relationship between KMPlus and the key-clients, and connected the PIC-client with KMPlus consultant team together with Puti Cut.